'Halal certification assures local customers'

BANDAR SERI BEGAWAN - Japanese restaurant chain Excapade believes having Halal certification displayed on the walls of its restaurant will remove any doubts or reservations that the public might have had about the food it serves.

Excapade has recently obtained its Halal certificate from the Ministry of Religious Affairs. But according to Excapade's Public Affairs Manager Ezqyl Redzwan, since the restaurant's establishment 14 years ago, the staff has been using Halal ingredients to prepare the food in its menu.

This is in response to the demands of the local market which is mostly made up of Muslim customers.

"To play it safe, all the ingredients have always been Halal," said Ezqyl.

Ezqyl said the restaurant's owner has been very attentive and has always sought the advice of the Muslim staff in sourcing ingredients and food preparation.

He said that with over 500 items on their menu, it took Excapade some time to get the certification.

Excapade had to coordinate closely with the Halal Certfication Auditors as they had examined the whole process extensively.

"We have to follow the procedures and there were a lot paperwork involved, and some of the ingredients needed to be translated as well, which took a while," said Ezqyl.

Despite the lengthy process, he said that no issues cropped up during the inspection and the business operations were not disrupted.