Half of Japanese voters unhappy with Abenomics

TOKYO - For the first time, 50 per cent of respondents to a Nikkei Inc./TV Tokyo poll say they are dissatisfied with the government's economic policy, which faces rising doubts as the yen strengthens and stock prices fall.

Support for Abenomics, which has been credited with sustaining Prime Minister Shinzo Abe's high approval rating, fell to an all-time low of 31 per cent in the weekend poll of eligible voters.

The cabinet's approval rating held steady at 47 per cent, while disapproval rose 5 percentage points from January to 39 per cent.

Among cabinet supporters, fans of Abenomics outnumbered critics by 55 per cent to 23 per cent. But just 8 per cent of those who disliked Abe's government had a positive view of its economic policy, while a full 85 per cent did not.

Nearly half, or 47 per cent, of all respondents said additional fiscal spending is needed to bolster the economy. Opposition to a planned April 2017 consumption tax hike outweighed support for it 58 per cent to 33 per cent. On the Bank of Japan's new negative interest rate policy, 23 per cent approved while 53 per cent did not.

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