Haunted hotels of the world: Europe

Looking for a hair-raising thrill? Then perhaps you'd like to stay a while in some of the world's spookiest hotels in Europe this Halloween. But that might rob you of your sleep; you've been warned.

1. Langham Hotel, London

Langham Hotel, it is claimed, is London’s most haunted hotel. And its spookiest room is Room 333. Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Known as England's first "grand hotel", the five-star Langham Hotel has had the privilege of hosting distinguished guests like Mark Twain and Oscar Wilde.

Over 149 years of history have put a lot of spooks on its list of otherworldly guests, including Napoleon III who spent part of his exile there; a German prince who leapt to his death from a window before World War I; and a man who killed his wife and himself during their honeymoon.

And the most haunted of all the rooms - in what is claimed to be London's most haunted hotel - is said to be Room 333.

2. Skirrid Mountain Inn, Monmouthshire, Wales

As one of the oldest pubs in Wales dating back to the 1100s, the first floor was used as a Court of Law during the Welsh revolt when 180 men were sentenced by Judge Jeffreys to a death by hanging.

The hangings, executed right from the beams of the inn itself, must have left some real bad karma. Till this day, the judge is said to wander around the inn, looking for people to condemn.

Guests have claimed to feel ropes tightening around their necks while sleeping, sometimes even ending up with visible marks later. Whoa! If you're into BSDM, this might be right up your alley.

3. Hotel Burchianti, Florence, Italy

Certain guests who have outstayed their welcome at the Hotel Burchianti in Florence, Italy, still wander its corridors. Photo: Hotel Burchianti

It seems that certain guests have refused to check out of the Hotel Burchianti in Florence, Italy, including a ghostly woman that sits in a chair knitting, a child skipping down corridors, and a maid that just won't quit.

Guests have reported sighting spirits, experiencing chills down their spine, that eerie feeling of being watched, being grabbed, and feeling an icy breath down their necks.

A pale pinkish translucent apparition of a man has also been sighted before. Some claim this is Benito Mussolini, the fascist leader who once stayed at the hotel.

4. Karosta Prison Hotel, Karosta, Latvia

Brace yourself with nerves of steel because you might have an unwanted cellmate, I mean, roommate, if you stay at the Karosta Prison Hotel Latvia. Photo: Wikimedia Commons

The former military prison used by the Nazis and Soviets still bears the graffiti of former prisoners, which makes for chilling bedtime reading, if you plan stay the night.

You'd better have nerves of steel, as you might find yourself being accompanied by the ghost of a woman who hung herself after discovering that her fiance was executed here.

5. Dalhousie Castle Hotel, Edinburgh, Scotland

It's not worth dying for love, or you might be fated to roam around like the ghost of Lady Catherine at the Dalhousie Castle Hotel in Scotland. Photo: Wikimedia Commons

This 13th century fortress, which has been turned into a renowned hotel that is popular with honeymooners, is said to be haunted by the ghost of Lady Catherine.

When she was just a teenager, she locked herself in the top room of the castle and starved herself to death, all because her parents forbade her to be with the young man she was in love with.

If you stay here, you might hear her tapping on doors, rustling her skirt or even feel her pulling at your hair.