Have a white Christmas at these 6 amazing holiday spots

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Christmas always has a way of tugging at our heart strings.

Perhaps it's the yuletide carols ringing through the air, the onset of traditional celebrations, or even the way that the Christmas spirit draws out lots of loving moments.

And while the holiday in Singapore can be a feast for the eyes with its beautiful decorations and enticing sales, how about experiencing some winter magic this 2015? Skyscanner lists six cities for a white Christmas this year:

1. Paris, France

There is something unmistakably special about spending your Christmas in the City of Love.

But fret not if you're travelling there alone, as who knows what kind of exciting adventures await you? Take an evening stroll along the beautiful Champs Élysées and watch the trees light up in a warm, seasonal glow.

While you're here, expect a mesmerizing Christmas Village, one where you can nibble on traditional Christmas pastries, macaroons, and other delectable goodies by the experts of desserts.

The tents here at the yearly village also offer lots of delicious food and wines, as well as arts and craft stalls aplenty for some amazing souvenirs and gifts.

However, if you're up for a little more romance, take a leisurely cruise down the Seine to soak in the sights and sounds!

2. Edinburgh, Scotland

You know a city is serious about Christmas when a six-week long entertainment is planned for the holiday. In Edinburgh, the Christmas Market will run from 20 November 2015 to 04 January 2016 this season.

Indulge in handcrafted gifts of the edible and non-edible variety, wintery food and intricate ornaments that you will want to fill your luggage up with.

There is also a huge lineup of events and performances accompanying you as you roam the seasonal markets.

For those of you travelling with children, the Children's Market will be sure to delight your little ones with gifts and toys that spark a bit of Christmas magic in him or her.

3. London, United Kingdom

Even though there is technically no bad time to visit London, provided you discount the erratic weather situation there, spending Christmas in London can be quite a magical experience.

Along the city's frosty and beautifully lit streets, you'll find yourself very merry indeed with outdoor ice rinks, festive markets as well as street carollers.

Be sure to take in the night views of the Thames of Tower Bridge and the Tower of London while you check out the food spread at the festive markets.

If you have friends in the city, it is also a great time to get together. For those of you with children, or are young at heart, pay a visit to the London Zoo where you'll be able to pet an actual reindeer.

4. Reykjavik, Iceland

Located in Ingólfstorg Square, Reykjavik is the place to go for the ultimate white Christmas.

The Reykjavik Christmas Market is open for four weekends before Christmas and will feature a wide selection of unique gifts, food and live entertainment. Since some stores only open for a couple of days during the whole season, it is possible to go twice while you are there and have a rather different experience.

Most of the tours still happen over the Christmas period, so you may even have the chance to catch a glimpse of the mystical Northern Lights. In fact, if you are making plans to go during the Christmas season, pencil in some time to stay for the spectacular firework celebrations on New Year's Eve too!

5. New York City, USA

Cause serious travel envy amongst your friends when you head down to New York City this Christmas season. Spend your evening at the famous Rockefeller Center Plaza and take photos with the massive Christmas tree here that dazzles with over 45,000 LED lights.

Keep yourself warm as you ice-skate at the Wollman Rink in Central Park or get yourself a cup of coffee while you people watch from the comfort of a cosy cafe. Wander into the city's Botanical Garden to get in touch with Christmas traditions or check out the Brooklyn Academy of Music to catch the classic ballet performance 'The Nutcracker'.

6. Lapland, Finland

If you've grown up leaving out cookies and milk for Santa, there is no better place for nostalgia than the Santa Claus Village in Lapland, Finland.

Be sure to speak to the man himself when you are in the village, or send your mail out from the special post office there where you can also delay your mail to Christmas next year if you wish.

Additionally, check out the Riisitunturi National Park which is famous for her crown snow trees.

These are unusual snow shapes that form around trees that sometimes defy gravity, and typically come into existence in extremely cold weather so be sure to stay warm while you are there!

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