Haze clears up over Brunei

A view of the Brunei skyline covered with the haze before it cleared up.

BRUNEI - The blanket of haze over Brunei the past few days seemed to have cleared up slightly yesterday.

Yesterday afternoon, the air quality in the Sultanate was generally in the 'good' range as all PSI readings dropped for all districts.

The Brunei-Muara District recorded a reading of 45, while the Belait and Temburong District read 48 and 42 respectively. Temburong was the only district to record moderate at a reading of 54.

According to Singapore's National Environment Agency website http://www.nea.gov.sg/psi, the air quality in Brunei Darussalam and Singapore is described in terms of the Pollutant Standards Index (PSI).

The PSI is developed by the United States Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA) to provide accurate, timely and easily understandable information about daily levels of air pollution.

The air quality in Malaysia is described in terms of the Air Pollutant Index (API). The API is based on scientific assessment to indicate in an easily understood manner, the presence of pollutants and its impact on health.

The API system of Malaysia closely follows the PSI developed by the USEPA.

Despite the improvement in air quality, the public is still urged to refrain from conducting any burning activities that may affect, and worsen current conditions.

The public are also advised to report any open burning activity to the authorities.

The Department of Environment, Parks and Recreation (Jastre) said it is closely monitoring the situation and will keep the public informed about air quality in the Sultanate on its website at www.env.gov.bn or via Radio Televisyen Brunei.

PSI readings can also be accessed on JASTRe website and the latest weather updates are available on the Brunei Weather (Brunei WX) mobile application and on the Metrological Department's website at www.met.gov.bn.