Haze update: Slight haze to be cleared by rains

Haze update: Slight haze to be cleared by rains

SINGAPORE - The 24-hr PSI reading at 11am was 29-39, which indicates it is in the good range, while the 24-hr PM2.5 reading is 20-27µg/m3 .

NEA said that the slightly hazier conditions this morning could have resulted from the weak and converging winds over Singapore due to a developing rain system and an accumulation of particulate matter over the island.

However, strong winds and afternoon showers are expected to clear the haze.

The agency added that the current elevated levels of PSI and PM2.5 is assessed to be temporary, and the levels should come back down towards late afternoon.

The hotspot count in Sumatra as of yesterday at 5pm was 16 (partly obscured by clouds), and the rain over Sumatra is expected to help contain the haze situation.

At the moment, the health advisory is in the good/moderate band, where everyone can carry on with their normal activities.

NEA will continue to monitor the situation closely, and issue another advisory should conditions take a turn for the worse.

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