Haze update: Smoke plumes observed in Sumatra hotspots

Haze update: Smoke plumes observed in Sumatra hotspots

SINGAPORE - The National Environment Agency (NEA) said there has been a marked increase in the number of hotspots in Sumatra in the last two days, as the latest number of hotspots reach 261, with 173 of them in Riaw.

Smoke plumes were observed to be coming from these spots.

In the same statement, NEA said the air quality in a few Malaysian states has worsened, and some areas and Selangor and Malacca have started recording unhealthy levels of air quality intermittently from as early as 8am on Sunday morning.

As at 7pm on Sunday evening the 24-hr PSI was 21 - 31, PM2.5 was 14 - 16 μg/m3, and the 3-hr PSI was 39.

weather conditions are expected to continue in the region for the next few days, and low level winds are forecast to vary between southeasterly and south-southwesterly. If wind conditions were to change and blow from the west or southwest, Singapore may experience hazy conditions.

The general public and workers for up until 6pm on Sunday evening are advised to continue with normal activities.

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