HDB launches record 8,952 flats in November

PHOTO: HDB launches record 8,952 flats in November

SINGAPORE - The Housing Board (HDB) has launched a record 8,952 flats in mature and non-mature towns for the November Build-To-Order (BTO) and Sale of Balance Flats (SBF) exercise.

Out of these, 4,978 are BTO flats in over 6 projects across 5 non-mature towns including Bukit Batok, Hougang, Jurong West, Sembawang and Woodlands.

4,978 BTOs launched in November 2013

  • Admiralty Grove is bounded by Woodlands Avenue 6 and Woodlands Drive 62.
    The development offers 993 standard flats, comprising 252 units of 2-room, 240 units of 3-room, 333 units of 4-room and 168 units of 5-room flats.
  • Besides the homeownership flats, there is also a block with 504 rental flats, comprising 276 units of 1-room and 228 units of 2-room flats. A sup ermarket, an eating house, shops and a Residents’ Committee centre will be provided.
  • A wide range of facilities and amenities is available in the town, such as the Admiralty MRT station, HDB neighbourhood centres (NCs) such as Admiralty Place, Woodlands Mart and 888 Plaza.
  • Boon Lay View is bounded by Jurong West Avenue 2, Corporation Road and Boon Lay Avenue.
  • The development comprises eight 15-storey residential blocks and offers 810 units of 3-, 4-, 5-room and 3Gen Standard Flats.
  • The residential blocks at Boon Lay View are arranged to surround a lovely landscaped garden. This layout provides residents with great views of the greenery found within the development.
  • At the heart of Boon Lay View lies an exciting nature playground, accentuated by a beautiful conservation rain tree.
  • Children can have fun exploring the playground’s different play areas, while the adults and elderly keep fit at the nearby fitness stations.
  • More facilities can be found at the roof garden of the multi-storey car park where you can make use of its community garden, activity area and rest shelters.
  • A minimart, cafe and shops will be conveniently situated within Boon Lay View so that residents need not venture far to purchase their daily necessities and meals.
  • Bounded by Corporation Road and Yung Kuang Road, Yung Kuang Court comprises five residential blocks ranging from 19 to 20 storeys in height.
  • You can take your pick from the 528 units of 4- and 5-room Standard Flats offered in this development.
  • The name ‘Yung Kuang Court’ aptly describes the development’s location along Yung Kuang Road, as well as its beautiful courtyard garden design.
  • EastLawn @ Canberra is bounded by Canberra Walk and Canberra Street. This 13- to 14-storey high development consists of three residential blocks with 337 units of 4- and 5-room Standard Flats.
  • The name EastLawn @ Canberra is inspired by the development’s location at the eastern part of Sembawang town and the open lawn featured at the heart of this housing project.
  • The central lawn will provide visual relief to residents as they explore the picturesque landscape. Here, you can relax in the resting shelters and unwind after a busy day at work, while the young ones have fun at the children’s playgrounds.
  • Hougang Meadow is located along Upper Serangoon Road and near the Hougang town centre. This 16- to 18-storey high development consists of six residential blocks with 732 units of Studio Apartments as well as 3- and 4-room Standard Flats.
  • The name “Hougang Meadow” reflects the series of landscaped areas that will be created within the development.
  • Hougang Meadow offers various garden spaces for all to enjoy. You can choose to take a stroll through these spaces, starting from the open green areas at the ground level.
  • Situated along Bukit Batok Road, West Ridges @ Bukit Batok comprises 14 residential blocks ranging from 14 to 16 storeys in height. You can choose from 1,578 units of 2-, 3-, 4- and 5-room Standard Flats offered in this development.
  • The name West Ridges @ Bukit Batok is inspired by the hilly terrain surrounding Bukit Batok. Separately, the staggered height of the residential blocks provides visual interest with their distinctive ridge-like effect.
  • Envisioned to be an urban retreat, West Ridges @ Bukit Batok offers pockets of green spaces and roof gardens atop the development’s two multi-storey car parks for you to enjoy some quiet respite.

With first-timer grants, 2-room, 3-room, 4-room and 5-room flats will cost a minimum of $15,000, $106,000, $201,000 and $297,000 respectively

This is HDB's largest joint BTO and SBF exercise so far, and brings the total BTO flat supply for this year to 25,139 units.

HDB said earlier this year that it would launch 25,000 BTO flats for sale by the end of the year.

In total, the board has offered a total of 33,568 flats for sale in 2013.

First-time buyers will enjoy priority flat allocation with at least 85 per cent of the 4-room and 5-room flats offered, and 70 per cent of the 2-room and 3-room BTO units on sale.

Eligible singles can opt to buy a 2-room flat in Admiralty Grove or West Ridges @ Bukit Batok.

Applicants with at least a married/courting couple and their parents listed in the application will also be eligible to purchase 3Gen flats in Boon Lay View.

The Multi-Generation Priority Scheme (MGPS) will allow parents and married children to apply jointly for flats in the same BTO projects at Admiralty Grove, Hougang Meadow, Boon Lay View and West Ridges @ Bukit Batok.

Up to 50 per cent of the SA supply in Hougang Meadow will be reserved for eligible elderly applicants under the Studio Apartment Priority Scheme (SAPS), HDB said in a statement.

Eligible first-timer households may receive up to $60,000 of housing grants, comprising the Additional CPF Housing Grant (up to $40,000) and Special CPF Housing Grant (up to $20,000).

3,974 sale-of-balance flats launched

A total of 3,974 balance flats in 11 non-mature and 13 mature towns/estates have also been launced under the November SBF Exercise.

Of these, 502 are SAs, 405 are 2-room units and 818 are 3-room units, 1,644 are 4-room units, 595 are 5-room units and 10 are executive flats.

Flats offered under the SBF Exercise are reserved for families, HDB said.

At least 95 per cent of the supply of balance flats (excluding SAs) will be set aside for first-time buyers. A total of 50 per cent of the SAs will also be set aside for eligible elderly flat applicants under the SAPS.

About 14 per cent of the SBFs on sale are completed projects, while the rest are under construction.

Applications open till Dec 2

HDB said in a statement on Tuesday that applicants who apply for a BTO flat in non-mature towns/ estates have a higher chance of securing a flat.

Applicants are advised to check the HDB website for updates before submitting their application.

Applications for new flats can be submitted online from now till December 2.

HDB will offer about 3,150 BTO flats in Bukit Batok, Jurong West, Punggol, Serangoon and Woodlands in January.