He should grow up, rectify character flaws

He should grow up, rectify character flaws

SINGAPORE- Like most Singaporeans, I was outraged when I read British expatriate Anton Casey's downright obnoxious and gratuitous remarks about Singaporeans.

Unlike (former NTUC employee) Ms Amy Cheong, who had posted disparaging Facebook comments about Malay weddings out of exasperation that the noise from the festivities had disrupted her sleep, Mr Casey's flippant remarks about public transport commuters being "poor" and there being a "stench" in MRT trains did not appear to be provoked by any known trigger.

Being wealthy does not give him the right to belittle those who are less well-off. If it were simply a bratty teenager mouthing off, such puerile remarks could have been excused.

But the fact that they were penned by a middle-aged man who really should know better, speaks volumes of his delusions of self-importance and lack of breeding.

I pray his son does not follow in his footsteps.

First and foremost, Mr Casey must remember that he is a guest in our country. It would be in his best interests to behave graciously and not take the tolerance of his host for granted, else he be branded a persona non grata.


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