10 surprising health benefits of drinking beer

SINGAPORE - At the newly opened Tiong Bahru Bar, the folks behind the counter are serving mojitos topped with light pale lager instead of soda water.

For the revellers knocking them back, it's just the start of a typical, somewhat sinful night out. Kaz Sajimin, the co-owner of this casual watering hole, doesn't think otherwise.

"Does beer really have health benefits?" he asks, pleasantly surprised when we share with him our research findings, and say that his cocktail could be a good idea (and that Ernest Hemingway would approve).

The answer is - much to the horror of teetotallers - apparently so. But to reap those health benefits, you need to drink in moderation.

The Health Promotion Board says that means no more than two to three drinks a day.

Take note: This doesn't apply to people with health conditions such as gout and high levels of triglycerides, which increase your risk of heart disease.

Plus, too much alcohol can cause liver damage, weight gain and impotency, among others.

But for most of us, there are healthy reasons to hold your next pint and say, in the words of Homer Simpson: "Ah, beer."