10% swimming pools contain excessive urea in China

PHOTO: 10% swimming pools contain excessive urea in China

BEIJING, China - The urea content in nearly 10 per cent of swimming pools in China exceeds the safe limit.

This was the finding of the Health Ministry after it inspected 5,639 swimming pools in 24 Chinese provinces, municipalities and regions between June and August, Beijing Times reported on Sunday.

According to the report, only 90.8 per cent of swimming pools meet the national standard of urea content in swimming pools and 83.7 per cent meet the standard for residual chlorine content.

Urea is a chemical compound which can be found in urine.

The report also shows 13.7 per cent of disinfected ponds contained excessive amounts of residual chlorine.

The pass rate of the total number of bacteria in swimming pool water can reach 92.3 per cent and the rate of coli bacteria can reach 96.9 per cent, the report said.

According to the report, the main reason for the over-standard of urea is the water circulation does not work well and refilling water and the frequency of water filling are not enough.

The over standard of residual chlorine is mainly for unscientific use of disinfectants.

The Health Ministry urges local departments to supervise swimming pool operators to improve the facilities that don't meet the national standard in order to keep the water quality in the swimming pools.