1000 participants gather in mass CPR training

SINGAPORE - A thousand participants from selected corporations and institutions came together for a mass cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) training session for the Singapore Heart Foundation's new initiative, Project Heart 2012.

The initiative is aimed at getting more people in the community CPR trained, and was conducted on May 19 at the Pasir Ris Sports and Recreation Centre.

The event was kicked off by Associate Professor Terrance Chua, Chairman of the SHF, and Mr Teo Ser Luck, Minister of State for Trade and Industry.

Mr Teo was the Guest-of- Honour of the event.

A total of more than 500 residents and Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) volunteers from 20 constituencies participated in the event to learn more about CPR and practice their CPR skills.

"Each year, about 1,400 people collapse out-of-hospital in Singapore due to sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) with only about two to three per cent of them surviving," Prof Chua said.

"This is because the survival rate of such patients declines rapidly with each passing minute that nothing is done for the casualty. In just 10 minutes, the chances of the patient surviving are virtually zero," he added.

As such, he stressed the importance of ensuring that more people in the community are CPR-trained.

Minister Teo unveiled a mega heart sized 2.75m by 2.75m, the result of the "Shape A Heart" Competition, which saw six different schools come together, each designing their own section of the nine-piece heart.

The competition was aimed at educating the youths of Singapore about the need to care for their hearts.

The mega heart was inducted into the Singapore Book of Records for the "Largest heart formation made of paper crafts".