12 pairs of legs give her new life

PHOTO: 12 pairs of legs give her new life

Actress, activist and athlete, Aimee Mullins was born with fibular hemimelia, which means that both her legs have missing fibula bones.

Fibula bones are calf bones. Due to this condition, both of her legs were amputated below the knee when she was a year old.

Nevertheless, that has not stopped the 35-year-old beauty from achieving the incredible things she has accomplished over the years.

Mullins went on to become one of the best runners in her college, competing against able-bodied athletes.

She also competed in the 1996 Paralympics in Atlanta, running the 100-metre dash in 17.01 seconds and jumping 3.14 metres in the long-jump.

She has worked in The Pentagon, and today is a well known model and actress who has appeared in Alexander McQueen's fashion show, Kenneth Cole's anniversary campaign in 2010 and was part of the L'Oréal fashion Beauty Team along with Jennifer Lopez and Gwen Stefani in 2011.

Nothing seems to faze Mullins, who has been named one of the fifty most beautiful people in the world by People magazine.

Granting her speed, beauty, and at times an extra six inches of height, her dozen amazing pairs of prosthetic legs have helped inspire the world and redefine the limits of the human body.