15 easy habits for a healthier you

Doctors have said it countless times... that the hardest thing for them to do is not prescribing medications or procedures but rather, the little lifestyle changes that affect their patients' health in a big way.

For example, sleeping pills will not be of much help to an insomniac if he refuses to change his habit of downing an espresso every night.

Likewise, no amount of weight-loss pills will have a lasting effect if the patient continues to binge on oily foods and refuses to exercise.

While it's true that good habits should start from young - research shows that people who work out in their 20s have better health and are trimmer in their 40s - it is never too late to change.

It is important to ensure that you embark on these changes in a gradual manner. This will give you a greated chance of success at sticking with them.

One strategy is to change just one habit each month. This gives your body and tastebuds time to adapt. Trying to make all these changes at once can be stressful, and will very likely result in failure.

Remember, changing your habits will only have an impact on your health if the changes are permanent.

Here are some small changes we can adopt today for better health tomorrow.

With additional reporting by YourHealth, AsiaOne.