From 150kg to over 240kg in 10 years: Meet China's most obese woman

A woman who weighed 240kg was dubbed China's most obese woman after indulging her voracious appetite for the past decade.

The 31-year-old attributed her weight to an overindulgent diet, and told Chinese media: "I love barbecue and beer. I could eat 100 kebabs and drink twenty bottles of beer in one sitting."

She struggled with weight issues since young, weighing 95kg in her early teens, and 150kg by early adulthood, Shanghaiist reported.

Lately, the morbidly obese woman started to have difficulty breathing with her weakened lungs.

She also suffered from low self-esteem and isolated herself at home for the past six years to avoid criticism, CCTVNews reported.

To regain her health and self-confidence, the 1.65m-tall woman has recently undergone gastric bypass surgery to shed the excess weight.

According to the Singapore General Hospital, the procedure involves creating a small stomach pouch which is connected to midsection of the small intestines. Weight loss is achieved by changing the way food is digested in the body.

Her doctor projected that she will lose about 50kg per year post-surgery by adhering to a healthier diet.

Obesity may soon become an epidemic in China, as the "2015 Report on Chinese Nutrition and Chronic Disease" revealed that obesity rates in the country have risen to 11.9 per cent for adults and 6.4 per cent for children and adolescents respectively over the period of 2002-2012.