2AM's Changmin might need surgery for intestinal problem

Changmin of 2AM has been diagnosed with paralytic ileus, or intestinal obstruction. The K-pop star might have to go under the knife.

Big Hit Entertainment revealed that Changmin received emergency treatment this morning and has currently moved on to carry out his 'Music Core' performance tonight.

Changmin and his reps previously thought that he was suffering from just regular food poisoning, and after being treated at the hospital, he stood on stage for 'Music Bank' and also filmed for 'Entertainment Weekly', even despite not being able to eat much of anything.

However, the new diagnosis he received today has revealed things have progressed beyond just food poisoning to intestinal obstruction. Since this occurs when there is a problem in the functioning of the intestines or bowels, if severe, surgery may be required, reported Hankyung.

The singer has undergone a thorough check up at the hospital, but it's not yet decided whether surgery will be necessary.

His reps commented, "Changmin is the one who is the most upset about this as this is their comeback after a year… However, with his determination being so strong, he will continue carrying out his schedules and his musical for the time being."

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