3 die after drinking cheap liquor

Kapar - A drinking session between four friends on Merdeka Day turned tragic when three of them died after consuming a huge amount of cheap liquor.

M. Yogarajah, G. Vijayakumar, 31, and G. Shuman, 30, all bachelors, and a fourth unidentified friend were believed to have started drinking outside Shuman's house in Rantau Panjang here in the late afternoon.

When they became drunk at 10pm, Shuman's brother brought them into the house to sleep it off.

At 6am, the brother tried waking them up but did not get any response, prompting him to call the ambulance to take them to Hospital Tengku Ampuan Rahimah here.

The three victims were pronounced dead on arrival while the fourth man was successfully revived.

Klang Utara police chief Supritendant Mohd Shukor Sulong said there did not appear to be any foul play involved. He said they could have had alcohol poisoning.

"We will wait for the post-mortem report."