300kg Taiwanese man to undergo surgery for obesity

PHOTO: 300kg Taiwanese man to undergo surgery for obesity

A man surnamed Li from Pingtung, Taiwan, who weighs 300kg, has been sent to E-Da Hospital in Kaohsiung with the help of 10 men and a van to undergo surgery for morbid obesity.

According to a CTS report, his family called emergency services to send him to hospital on Nov 11.

However, the two paramedics and ambulance dispatched to transport him were overwhelmed by his bulky size and had to enlist the help of Li's neighbours to help carry him.

Moving Li to his transport required the strength of nearly 10 men, using a makeshift stretcher made out of two blankets and a large piece of wooden board.

Video footage shows the men taking short breaks in between carrying Li out of his house and into a van.

TVBS reported that Li weighed around 200kg two years ago and was able to ride a motorbike, but lost his ability to walk and sit up by himself after a motor accident that took place more than a year ago.

Although he only ate a bowl of food per meal, his weight ballooned to the current 300kg.

Li's mother said in an interview that she had to take care of his daily living activities and added that she had fallen ill from exhaustion.

CNA reported that Dr Huang Chih-kun, head of the hospital's Bariatric and Metabolic International Surgery Centre, said that they will reduce some of Li's weight by adjusting his nutrition to improve his surgical fitness before carrying out weight loss surgery.

Li will undergo bariatric surgery, in which the size of his stomach will be reduced by removing part of the stomach, and re-routing his small intestines to a small stomach pouch.

The 300kg man made headlines 6 months ago when paramedics had to send him to the hospital to seek medical treatment for pain in his left leg using a small truck, as the ambulance was unable to accommodate his bulky frame.