4 reasons to wake up to morning sex

PHOTO: 4 reasons to wake up to morning sex

Your mornings are manic - between rustling up breakfast, and getting the kids ready for school and yourselves for work, who has time for sex?

And forget weekends - it's the only chance you have to sleep in!

"Sex is the last thing on my mind when I wake up," says Angela Ng, 35, a human resources manager and mum of two.

"All I can think about is getting my children out of the house, and then my husband and I only have a few minutes before we have to leave, too.

"Mornings are so rushed - I can't imagine finding the time for a quickie. And we're already so sleep-deprived, there's no way we're going to wake up earlier to have sex."

Making love before you get out of bed might not be for everyone, but according to sexperts, there are endless reasons why it is good for you, your man and your relationship.

Up, up, and away

Martha Lee, clinical sexologist from Eros Coaching, points out that men love having sex in the morning because they don't usually have a problem getting an erection.

"Known as nocturnal penile tumescence, this spontaneous occurrence of penile erection during sleep is experienced by all men without physiological erectile dysfunction

"It usually occurs three to five times during the night. Sometimes, they wake up in the morning to find that they already have an erection," she adds.

However, even if your man doesn't have an erection in the morning, it should not be difficult for him to get one, since his blood vessels are relaxed after a good night's rest.

Confidence boost

Confidence boost

"Getting an erection may sometimes be part of your man's concern about initiating sex," Martha says.

"A morning erection can, therefore, ease his anxieties, trigger his sexual drive and increase his sexual confidence." And of course, when both parties are confident between the sheets, it usually makes for more satisfying sex.

A loving start to the day

Getting frisky between the sheets helps you feel close to each other while strengthening emotional intimacy.

Ho Shee Wai, registered psychologist and director of The Counselling Place, explains that this bond tends to continue for the rest of the day, which can be very good for your relationship.

Georgina Chia, 38, a freelance writer, says that making love with her hubby in the morning has done wonders for reinforcing their romantic connection.

"It's great to experience that closeness in the morning and then head off to work knowing that you just shared something beautiful and special."

All-day buzz

During sex, your body produces feel-good chemicals called endorphins. These promote feelings of well-being and happiness.

Making love early in the morning can, therefore, set you up to have a more enjoyable day, no matter what challenges you have to deal with later on.

Erica*, 43, an account director, says: "When my husband and I have sex in the morning, we always leave the house with huge smiles on our faces. It puts us in a better, calmer mood. We're not so high-strung at work and can handle stress with ease."

Spice it up

Spice it up

If you usually make love before going to sleep, morning sex can help you break out of that rut.

It keeps things interesting when you know you only have a certain amount of time for the deed. Plus, adds Martha, having sex without the prelude of kissing, (due to concerns about morning breath), can make the act fun again.

"It allows you to let go of some of your expectations of what sex should be like," she explains.

Lisa*, 36, an architect, has morning sex about twice a month. "It's definitely very different from bedtime sex because it's a bit more frantic and rushed.

"So when my husband and I make love in the morning, it tends to have a wild element to it, which I find really sexy and hot. It feels so raw and primal."

For Chelsea*, 30, a bank manager, sex in the morning usually takes place in the shower. "It's time-saving, yes, but my hubby and I also like it because the position is different - in bed, we usually do it missionary style or I'm on top. In the shower, we're both standing up." SH

*Names have been changed

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