At 51, she has a body to die for

PHOTO: At 51, she has a body to die for

SINGAPORE - At 51, Jacqueline Ong puts those in their 20s to shame with a body to die for.

Spotted working out at the California Fitness gym, a RazorTV reporter received a shock when a woman who appeared to be in her early 30s revealed that she's over the 50s mark.

She attributed her great body to exercising once a week, on top of a lot of hard work and sacrifices.

Jacqueline readily admits that she not only sacrifices much of her time maintaining her picture perfect body, but also her social life.

However, she is quick to add that she does not go to the gym every day, but takes a break one day a week.

"You can binge out once in a while, but still, you must watch what you eat," she told RazorTV.

She said a usual day's diet consists of carbohydrates in the morning, lots of fruits throughout the day and protein and vegetables during lunch. She typically does not eat dinner.

As for the rest, she relies on exercise to keep her shape.

Everyday she does an hour of cardio, abs training, as well as weight training for different parts of her body.

She likes doing step classes as often as possible, she said.

For all the envious souls out there who want to look as good as her, Jacqueline has just one piece of advice for them: Long -term endurance.

"When you go into an exercise regime, you have to think long term. You don't think that oh, I'm just doing this for a special dress or a special occasion," she said.

Take a look at the pictures below for a glimpse at Jacqueline's great body:

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She said that short-term goals are not realistic, as keeping the body fit should be a life-time aim.

"As you age, you will appreciate the rewards, the benefits that come with it," she said, likening it to a "long-term commitment".

She looks so good, that men try to hit on her during her workout sessions.

She says the trick to getting other gym-goers to respect you is to take your workout seriously, carry yourself well and not to send the wrong message.

She said most of the time, it's the genuine people who come up to compliment her on her "great body" - a compliment she often hears.