56% of Singapore men admit to having been abusive before

Have you ever been abused?


40% women
28% men

“For four years, I put up with my boyfriend calling me ‘pathetic’. Nobody knew because I didn’t want to show or share my problems.” – Ms Kaira Tan, 23, public relations executive

“I will leave an abusive relationship. Children learn from their parents, and I don’t want my children to think it’s okay to stay in such relationships.” – Madam Sa’airah Abdul Rashid, 35, housewife

Have you ever abused someone?


28% women
56% men

“I have verbally abused my partner. But that happened out of frustration, in the heat of the moment. After I calmed down, I realised what I had done was uncool, and I apologised.” – Mr Mohd Rizal Abdul Khadir, 35, assistant purchasing officer

Shocking spousal abuse stats

72% of women abused by partners who are not likely to make a police report, according a 2010 National University of Singapore study.

62 calls Aware received last year about spousal abuse. In 2011, this figure was 67

249 new spousal abuse cases seen by Pave from April 2012 to March 2013.