6 hidden dangers of everyday make-up products

PHOTO: 6 hidden dangers of everyday make-up products

SINGAPORE - There is an instant solution for every beauty problem these days.

From bigger and more seductive eyes to longer hair and a flawless complexion, a cosmetic product or service is on hand and they often give near instant results.

But many of these quick-fixes can have negative consequences, especially when one does not observe aftercare rules or proper hygiene.

For example, applying eyeliner on the waterline, the moist strip between the lashes and the eyeball, can lead to an eye infection.

The oil glands located in those areas might become clogged and infected, especially when waterproof eyeliner is not removed properly.

And if you are in the habit of sharpening your pencil liners to a point, don't. You could easily injure your eyeball with a slip of the hand. The tip could also crumble, get into the eye and potentially cause inflammation.

Before your next trip to the beautician or to a shop to stock up on make-up, here are six beauty dangers to note.


This article was published in September 2013 in Urban, The Straits Times.

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