6 myths about men proven wrong

Do you often think that men only care about women's appearances? Well, it's not always true. Men also look out for other qualities when looking for a life partner. 

If you often have such gender stereotypes, it's time to get it right. 

Below are 6 common myths about men that are wrong.

1. Men don't want women to earn more

Modern-thinking men would want women to be as successful, or even more than them.

2. Men only care about a woman's appearance

Men are also looking for other qualities in a life partner. 

3. Men watch pornography because they are sexually unfulfilled

Porn is just another form of fantasy for men. Unless addicted, pornography does not necessarily represent a problem.

4. Men only care about sex

Women often want sex as much as men too.

5. Men can't be friends with women

This is just plain ignorance

6. Men are not emotional

They are, but most are taught from young not to show emotions as they are deemed to be not "masculine".

Thankfully, these gender stereotypes are changing fast in today's world.