At 60, he's still a champion bodybuilder

PHOTO: At 60, he's still a champion bodybuilder

He may be 60, but he's got a body that most men will never attain in their lives. Meet Andreas Cahling, possibly the world's fittest senior citizen.

When most 60 year olds would be frail, fragile and plagued with a whole host of health of problems, Andrea keeps in tip-top condition with a punishing gym regimen.

Despite his advanced age, Andrea still trains hard and participates in bodybuilding competitions, putting younger men to shame.

On his blog , he said that the highlight of his day is going to the gym. "My whole system kicks into gear and I am on a high on my way to work out. Because it is fun it stays alive. I admit to getting a rush out of being in the gym in great shape at 58. It is a very special feeling and I am very grateful for the privilege of having this experience," he said.

He added that a man at sixty has a greater capacity to display certain muscular aspects than a younger man, as they come with decades of dedicated weight training.

"This thing with age is such that we all have different physical and mental biological clocks and processes of maturing. The key is to always think long term, even when we are 80. I am 58 now but aim to reach my life time freakiest condition coming years - crazy and insane many will probably say, impossible most would probably say. Impossible? Well, then it is my thing, that is what I will go for!," he wrote in a blog post dated July 2011.

Besides regular weight training and trips to the gym, he said he prefers eating natural, organic and raw foods to maintain his health. He has also cut out MSG from his diet.

To the question of whether he will ever consider retiring, Andreas said: "I like to be the best bodybuilder as I possibly can for as long as I possibly can. I am curious to see what I can look like in coming years. So far my photos show improvements each year between 55 and my current age of 60. I feel fantastic most of the time. Feeling better at 60 than at 30."

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