61 Malaysian NS trainees display Influenza-like symptoms

Abdul Hadi speaking to the affected NS trainees at the Dusun Minda camp in Kuala Nerang.
PHOTO: 61 Malaysian NS trainees display Influenza-like symptoms

ALOR SETAR - National Service trainees based at the Dusun Minda Resort in Kuala Nerang with Influenza-like Illness symptoms have risen by seven to 61.

All the 61 students, including the four tested positive for the H1N1 virus on Sunday have symptoms such as fever, flu, cough and sore throat.

NS director Datuk Abdul Hadi Awang Kechil said parents should not be unduly worried as the "medical team has everything under control and the trainees are safe".

"All of the affected trainees are in an upbeat mood and our camp's medical team together with those from the district Health Department are monitoring their situation closely," he said when visiting the camp yesterday, adding that the cause of the virus was still unknown.

Abdul Hadi clarified that the trainees are not quarantined but "separated from the other healthy trainees".

"The affected trainees are separated and placed in dorms within the camp that are about 200m away from the other trainees."

He said the camp would be closed for a four-day semester break from May 30 and the state Health Department medical officers would assess the affected trainees before deciding if they would be allowed to go home.

"Classroom activities for the healthy trainees will carry on as usual but physical activities will be limited to prevent the trainees from falling sick."

It was reported earlier that the number of trainees who were affected by the symptoms were 54.

Meanwhile, Chai Chee Keong, 48, is concerned over the well being of his daughter after he learnt that she has been sick since Thursday.

"When we wanted to visit her on Saturday, we were initially not allowed to see her," said Chai, a Sungai Petani resident.

However, after several requests, Chai was eventually allowed to meet his daughter.

"She told me that her fever fluctuates and feels okay during the day but the fever will spike at night."

Camp authorities refused Chai's request to take his daughter out for treatment when he showed up at the camp yesterday.

"I was told that this was to control the virus from spreading," he said.

In June 2012, many trainees at the Dusun Minda NS camp were affected by the H1N1 virus, all of whom recovered.