75% of Taiwan women concerned about their body shape

SINGAPORE - A recent survey conducted by The Nielsen Company showed that looking good is extremely important to the Asian woman and a vast majority of women in Hong Kong, Taiwan and Australia are concerned about their body shape.

Up to 75 per cent of the 500 women aged between 25 to 49 surveyed in each country and region said that they were dissatisfied with their current body shape.

The percentage was the highest in Taiwan with 75 per cent of the women saying they were dissatisfied with their current body shape, followed by Hong Kong at 61 per cent and Australia at 46 per cent.

The women who expressed these dissatisfactions in Hong Kong and Taiwan were mainly single women, while in Australia, married women made up more of the concerned women.

Among the body areas respondents claimed they were unhappy with, love handles, bra fat and tummy bulges topped the list in all three regions with over 49 per cent of the respondents claiming these physical signs to be key concerns.

The survey was sponsored by Syneron, a global aesthetic device company, and took place in April and May 2013.

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