8 tips for staying healthy while travelling

PHOTO: 8 tips for staying healthy while travelling

It's the little things that matter when you travel.

Some of these travel tips will ensure you eat and stay healthy while travelling overseas, while also ensure that you maintain a hygienic environment so that you don't fall sick or have an allergic reaction. 

Whether you travel for leisure or business, you'd be surprised how far some of these will practices go to ensure a healthy, comfortable trip.

1. Opt for the non-smoking floor

The non-smoking floor of a hotel room would have better air quality, and you won't have the smell of cigarette smoke lingering in the room or on the carpet and sheets.

2. Don't touch the mini bar

Refrain from snacking and drinking from the mini bar. It's expensive, and you should save the cash (and avoid the calories).

3. Set aside the bed cover

Hotel bedspreads are known to have dust mites and more. Stash it in the corner of the room or in the cupboard.

4. Disinfect

Wipe the TV remote control and telephone with an anti-bacterial wipes before using.

5. Avoid reuseable glasses

Avoid using the glasses in the hotel room - you can't tell whether they were properly cleaned before your check-in. Stick to drinking bottled water. If you must use the glasses, wash them thoroughly before use.

6. Bring your own snacks

Keep fruit, bottled water and healthy snacks such as nuts, raisins and muesli bars in your room. It'll ensure a balanced diet, especially if you're eating out often. If you take vitamins and health supplements on a regular basis, remember to bring these along when you travel.

7. Create your own fitness centre

If your hotel doesn't have a gym or pool, bring your yoga mat and do simple yoga routines to destress.

8. Renovation check

Renovations are disruptive, and will bring out dust and dirt. Call ahead or read recent reviews on travel websites to ensure that parts of the hotel you're staying at aren't under construction. You don't want construction noise depriving you of sleep, or having to deal with unpleasant surroundings.

If you've already made a booking, ask for a room further away from the construction if possible.