All will benefit from health plan: Gan

SINGAPORE - If you are from a lower- or middle-income household, the Medishield life insurance premiums you pay will be the same or lower than what you pay now.

That is after taking into account the Government's permanent subsidies and Medisave contributions and topups.

Those who are not from these income groups will also benefit.

Medishield Life is to start next year.

Health Minister Gan Kim Yong told Parliament on Wednesday: "Our intent is that no Singaporean will drop out of MediShield Life because of their inability to pay for premiums. however, government support is necessarily targeted at those groups who need help with premium payments.

"Those who have the means should still pay their own share. In this way, we look after one another.

"Nonetheless, to further help with the shift to MediShield Life and cushion the impact on premiums, the government will provide additional transitional premium subsidies for all Singaporeans, regardless of income."


He also said the use of Medisave will be expanded to help pay for outpatient treatment.

The $30 deductible when you use Medisave to pay for outpatient treatment will be scrapped. This will take effect from July.

And from early next year, you can draw up to $300 a year if you need scans for non-cancer diagnosis.

Currently, Medisave only covers scans for cancer.

Also in the first half of next year, older people will be able to draw more than the current $400 a year per Medisave account for outpatient treatment. This flexi-Medisave use gives them an extra $200 a year.

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