Amputee gets record $80,000 in compensation

PHOTO: Amputee gets record $80,000 in compensation

SINGAPORE - Mr Mohamad Fairuz Kamal, 32, who lost his lower left leg in an accident, will receive a record $80,000 for the pain he suffered.

This is part of the total amount of damages of $400,000 awarded by the High Court, The Straits Times reported.

Mr Fairuz's lower left leg was damaged beyond repair after the motorcycle he was riding collided with a Malaysian registered car at a traffic junction in Woodlands Drive 50 on Nov 21, 2008.

He was hospitalised with severe internal injuries and the damaged portion of his leg was amputated.

Fitted with an artificial limb, Mr Fairuz lost his job as a technician and now works as a taxi driver. He can not stand. walk or climb for long periods of time.

The recommended amount of monetary compensation to be awarded for an above-knee amputation of a single leg is between $42,000 and $80,000, and between $40,000 to $70,000 for a below-knee amputation.

Part of a guidebook published by The Singapore Academy of Law, the recommendations also listed two other similar cases, where one was awarded $42,000 and the other $50,000.

However, Mr Fairuz's lawyer Viviene Sandhu argued that the recommendations only serve as a guide in the absence of any other local decisions, and the case examples listed were made 20 years ago.

Ms Sandhu further argued that the value of currency has also changed significantly since that time.

In consideration of this, the High Court awarded $407,377 altogether for various items including loss of future earnings, medical and treatment costs, as well as general damages to Mr Fairuz, to be paid by the vehicle insurers.

The driver of the car involved in the accident, Ms Norlilah Abu Samah, accepted 90 per cent liability for the accident and was fined $600 for inconsiderate driving, in addition to being disqualified from driving for three months.

Mr Fairuz, who had waited four agonising years for the court decision, expressed satisfaction at the compensation for all the pain and suffering he went through.

It comes as part of a double blessing, as his wife gave birth to a Leap Year baby boy the following day.