Ancient treatment to chase tooth worms away

PHOTO: Ancient treatment to chase tooth worms away

BATU PAHAT - Chen Yuan Sheng, who has engaged in the garment industry for over two decades, started a special sideline many years ago.

He helps toothache patients to reduce pain by banishing tooth worms with an ancient treatment.

Chen, 44, is working in a garment factory. His late father had a great interest in Chinese medicine and was proficient in acupuncture and herbal medicine.

Chen said that his father had visited China for many times to study Chinese medicine.

About two decades ago, his father learned an ancestral treatment to banish tooth warms which could help reduce the pain of toothache patients.

His father then started the sideline at home.

Under the influence of his father, Chen also has a keen interest in Chinese medicine, as well as the ancient treatment.

The garment industry was popular in textile city Batu Pahat.

However, the industry declined during an economic downturn years ago, setting a blow to many garment factories, including the one Chen was working with.

He then had more time for the sideline when he did not have to work overtime due to less orders.

Herbal smoke

Herbal smoke to banish tooth worms from oral cavity

Many people wonder whether tooth worms do really exist.

Chen said that tooth worms are mainly caused by dental caries and eating habits, although he has not done an in-depth study in it.

"Many adults would choose to remove the the decayed tooth to eliminate the unbearable toothache.

"If the pain can be reduced by banishing the tooth worms, they can then choose tooth-filling to keep the tooth," he said.

He said that the herbal smoke will be used to banish tooth worms from patient's oral cavity, without causing pain to the patient and no medication is required.

The equipment and methods are very traditional and simple.

"The quantity of herbs used to banish tooth worms is very important. It is actually a mixture of six herbs immersed in coconut oil," he explained.

First of all, he needs to heat up a brick before putting it onto a plate and add two tea spoon of herbal juice.

A funneled lid is then put on it and patient is required to put his or her ear close to the tip of the lid.

"Smoke from the boiling herbal juice would enter the patient's body through his ear and banish tooth worms in his mouth, ears and other parts of the body," he added.


Young doubt existence of tooth worms

Chen said that many people doubt of the existence of tooth worms, particularly young people who think it is not logical and scientific.

"Most patients who came for the treatment were those who could no longer bear the pain. They came for a try after knowing about the treatment from their friends," Chen said.

He encourages patients to receive three times of treatment in three months to totally eliminate tooth worms. The whole process takes a total time of 12 minutes.

"Patients will feel their throats a bit dry along the process and I'll remind them to deliberately cough as it can help banishing the tooth worms," he said.

He said that the number of tooth worms varies from a few dozens to a few hundreds, according to different health conditions.

Chen said that a further verification is required for the ancient treatment, many people were shocked to see so many white-brown larvae less than a centimetre long.

"Although the existence of tooth worms has not been scientifically proven, the purpose of the treatment is to keep the tooth while reducing the pain. Therefore, I'll continue performing the treatment, to provide an alternative treatment to ease toothache," he said.