Any cause for pimples that appear in symmetrical pattern?

PHOTO: Any cause for pimples that appear in symmetrical pattern?

Q: My pimples grow on one side of my face first and they will appear on the other side the next day. For example, I had one pimple very close to my right ear and it spread to become a few pimples in a row. After a few days I developed pimples very near my left ear which also spread in a row. Can you please kindly help me identify the problem so I can try to stop my pimples? - AsiaOne Reader

A: There is no special medical significance in what this person is describing, so she would still have to go for a check-up to diagnose the cause of her acne and examine her overall health and the condition of her face, in order for the doctor to administer targeted treatment.

I suggest that she drink more water, eat more fruits and vegetables, and consume less foods which are fried, oily, spicy or sugary.

She should also maintain regular bowel movements, have sufficient sleep, keep her face clean, avoid oil-based or powdery cosmetics, exercise in moderation, and tie up her hair to prevent it from rubbing against her face.

Answer provided by Dr Tang Yue from Eu Yan Sang. Dr Tang is a registered TCM Physician and holds a Ph.D. in Integrated (Traditional Chinese and Western) Medicine from Nanjing University of TCM.