App-grade your sex life

PHOTO: App-grade your sex life

From meeting the woman of your dreams to picking the perfect place for a dinner date – or even the best time to get her in the mood – these apps will add pizzazz to your sex life.

Step 1: Meet someone great


This app boasts more than 1 million members worldwide, and has been gaining traction around the world, even in Singapore.

Skout uses your cell phone’s global positioning system to let you chat with people in close proximity.

One 27-year-old Singaporean female we checked out with this app said she’s been using it for half a year and has met three really great guys.

Step 2: Impress her in an instant


Men who know things – even if it’s useless trivia – impress women.

What better way to show your inner geek than with this app, which provides random, brilliant nuggets of information?

Did you know that there are only 16 years between Jane and Judy Jetson, making Jane a teenage mother? Well, now you do.

Step 3: Dinner date


The best way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.

Guess what? The same rule applies to women, too. But to get to home base, you’ll need to show her you’re better than Jamie and Gordon.

Tough? Here’s help.

This app lets you search 30,000 recipes via categories such as Main Ingredient, Dietary Consideration and “I Can Barely Cook”.

Each dish even comes with ready-to-do shopping lists, simple methods and recipes for fitting cocktails.

Make her look good

Step 4: Capture the memories


Have you heard of the saying “Make her look good in photos and she’ll show you a good time?”

Probably not – because we made it up.

But we’re sure she’ll appreciate you taking snapshots of all the great times you’re having together. And this app will make light work of it.

It’ll turn your device into a 16-megapixel camera with a variety of functions that all focus on making her (and you) look good.

Step 5. Pick the right moment


Touted as “man’s best defence against her monthly Her-ricane”, this app helps you track your girl’s menstrual cycle – and all the good and bad hormonal changes that come with it.

What’s more, it even has daily alerts and suggestions on how to best handle her.

She will definitely be impressed by how intuitive you are!

Step 6: Keep the spark alive


Get a regular dose of reasonably priced date ideas – from spa days to new restaurants – on your mobile device or in your inbox.


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