Are you a victim of cyberbullying? Speak up and get help

She kept a blog when she was 14, but soon discovered an identical one online - but with defaced photos of her and warped versions of her posts.

Former child actress Kim Wakerman, now 21, said the cyberbully - whom she did not know personally - stopped only when her parents made a police report.

She said: "I started to question myself - what was wrong with me that people didn't like. I felt insecure."

Yesterday, Ms Wakerman, a volunteer with the South East Community Development Council (CDC), attended a youth forum to discuss ways to tackle cyberbullying.

The forum, organised by the South East CDC's Youth-to- Youth Network, was prompted by a Singapore Polytechnic survey involving 800 young Singaporeans. It showed last year that 68.4 per cent had experienced or knew people who had encountered cyberbullying.

Held at ITE College East, the forum's panellists included youth and Ms Jessica Tan, an MP for East Coast GRC.

She said that there should be legislation to deter cyberbullying, and that it is important to provide support to victims.

If you are bullied, "go to someone you trust: a friend, teacher or counsellor. No one can help you unless you speak up", Ms Tan said.

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