Astigmatism headaches can be relieved: Doctor

PHOTO: Astigmatism headaches can be relieved: Doctor

Astigmatism that has not been properly treated could not only cause deterioration in one's vision, but also increases the frequency of headaches, physicians warned yesterday, in Taipei.

Astigmatism is the second most prevalent eye defect in Taiwan, with near-sightedness the most common. According to a survey conducted by Johnson & Johnson ACUVUE and an eye clinic, out of the 471 patients interviewed with astigmatism, 56.3 per cent have chosen to correct the eye defect by wearing contact lenses. However, further inquires revealed that the majority of such patients fail to wear contact lenses of correct astigmatic prescriptions.

Calculating from Taiwan's demographic statistics, about 3 million Taiwanese people suffer from blurred vision, headaches, and dizziness, as a result of wearing ineffective astigmatic contact lenses, greatly influencing their daily routines and efficiency at work, the survey indicated.

According to the survey, 57.7 per cent of Taiwanese patients with astigmatism either had no idea of their prescriptions due to infrequent visits to the ophthalmologists, or had been wearing contact lenses of lower prescriptions when failing to locate lenses of certain brands with correct prescriptions.