Baby shaken into a coma

MALAYSIA - A four-month-old baby slipped into a coma after his father allegedly shook him vigourously to stop him from crying, reported Harian Metro.

A source told the paper that the man, in his 20s, tried to cover up his actions by telling doctors at the Selayang Hospital that his son was having breathing problems due to an epileptic seizure.

"The doctors immediately gave the baby respiratory aid before doing a thorough medical check-up, including an X-ray.

"They detected internal haemorrhage on the left side of the brain as well as on both eyes," the source added.

Suspecting the child was physically abused, the doctors lodged a report at the hospital's police base.

The case has since been referred to the Kepong police station.

The incident allegedly happened at the man's home in Kepong at around 8.30pm on Monday.