Beautician with ugly side: She lies to customers about her age

A 34-YEAR-OLD beautician claimed she is in her 40s in order to convince customers to go under the knife or buy her products.

Her clinic also does not have a licence to conduct cosmetic surgeries.

Wang, a former worker of the clinic, somewhere in the Klang Valley, told China Press that the products had no expiry date and were of low quality.

"The clinic used these products to cut costs," said Wang.

Another worker, Ho, claimed her boss had injected a filler into her nose without her consent on one occasion.

"She injected the filler into my nose when I was sleeping after a colleague had done a facial on me. I was shocked and questioned her about it but she claimed it was harmless," she said.

The daily reported that the operator would then deduct the fee from the worker's salary.

Previously, the daily reported that a woman had forked out RM30,000 (S$12,300) and received more than 300 injections that not only failed to make her prettier but gave her a snub nose instead.