Beauty and brawn on show at Hainan bodybuilding contest

PHOTO: Beauty and brawn on show at Hainan bodybuilding contest

CHINA - At the third Sanya Bodybuilding Contest on Nov 30, bikini babes and bodybuilders wowed the audience with their enviable figures and ripped physiques.

On stage, numerous Miss Bikini contestants flaunted their toned bodies in colourful bikinis by striking an array of poses that best showcased the lines of their womanly curves.

Their good looks, coupled with sweet smiles and fabulous figures, captured many hearts.

Meanwhile, male bodybuilders flexed their oiled muscles to show off the definition of hard-earned musculatures.

The brawny men stood in a row and struck a series of standard poses that exhibited their impressive physiques.

These sculpted bodies at the bodybuilding contest are the result of years of rigorous resistance exercise, stringent diets and some last-minute help from tanning lotions.

Take a look at these bodybuilders in their pursuit for the most aesthetically pleasing bodies and balanced physiques.