Blame incest on twisted logic: Expert

PHOTO: Blame incest on twisted logic: Expert

PETALING JAYA - Permissive and problematic parenting contribute to the occurrence of incest, according to an expert.

Psychologist and criminologist Dr Geshina Ayu Mat Saat said that surprisingly, a mother could think it was better for her child to have sex with a family member than with a stranger.

"It is hard to believe but some parents do have such a mentality," she said in an interview yesterday.

She said there were also cases when a father would think it was his right "to have his way" with his daughter.

"There have also been cases where the father performed incest on his children on the pretext of teaching them how to have sex.

"It is unbelievable but there are twisted people out there," she revealed.

Dr Geshina, who is attached to USM's School of Health Sciences, said awareness on incest, notably on permissive relations between family members, should be addressed early on.

"Children need to know what is permitted in touching or close contact with family members.

"There are cases when the child only realises that their siblings or father had done something inappropriate when they enter primary school,'' she added.

Dr Geshina said many incest victims were still afraid of reporting the offence for fear of reprisal from the abuser or being disowned.

The Star reported yesterday that a 46-year-old man had been having sex with his 21-year-old daughter over the past three years in their home in Kajang whenever his wife was not around.

An uncle who runs the hair salon where the daughter had been working since completing the SPM suspected something amiss after seeing steamy SMS messages exchanged between them.

The daughter confessed to having sex with her father since she was 18 and revealed that she was a willing partner.

Meanwhile, police have recorded statements from the mother, uncle and other family members in connection with the incest.

"We also seized the daughter's mobile phone. She has been sent to the Kajang Hospital for a medical examination," said a police source.