Blood-test kit to assess health risks

A simple blood-test kit may one day help Singaporeans assess their risk of suffering heart attacks or strokes.

A team of researchers here hopes to achieve this within the next four to five years.

Based in Nanyang Tech- nological University and led by the university's Assistant Professor Sze Siu Kwan, the team will take samples from more than 2,000 Singapo- reans of all races.

The study is expected to yield over 100 bio-markers - unique proteins that signal the potential risk of heart attack and stroke.

The team will narrow the list down to the 10 most commonly found bio-markers for use in the diagnostic kit.

The study is a continua- tion of one conducted by scientists from Singapore and the Netherlands more than five years ago.

That study discovered 13 bio-markers that stroke and heart-attack patients in the Netherlands had in their blood.

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