Bodybuilder screams as doctor removes oil injections from his arms

Bodybuilder screams as doctor removes oil injections from his arms

A horrifying video clip of oil injections being removed from a bodybuilder's infected right arm has been circulating online recently.

In the 10-second-long video, a doctor is seen pricking the man's swollen bicep with a needle and exerting pressure to drain the oil from the muscle.

The patient is also heard screaming as a large amount of viscous liquid flows out of the puncture and forms a puddle below his arm.

The Brazilian man is one of many bodybuilders who are risking their lives by injecting Synthol, a substance made up of oil, an anaesthetic substance called Lidocaine, and alcohol directly into their muscles to quickly gain bulk, reported The Daily Mail UK.

Synthol is not regulated by the US Food and Drugs Administration (FDA) and is easily obtained from the Internet, making it a potential danger to those who are not aware of the substance's adverse effects.

Recently, a 25-year-old man nearly lost his arms after the Synthol he had injected into his biceps started to solidify and caused him severe pain and organ failure.

Romario Dos Santo Alves said that he had lost control over the use of the dangerous substance and had inflated his biceps to a startling 25 inches.

His doctors managed to extract the synthol rock deposits from his arms.

However, several others were not as fortunate as Mr Alves and had their limbs amputated to save their lives.

According to medical texts, synthol abuse may lead to other serious health problems such as nerve damage, pulmonary embolism, infections and stroke.

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