Boy with kidney failure just wants to be with his family at reunion dinner

MUAR, Malaysia - Despite suffering from kidney failure, a big smile lit up the face of 15-year-old Le Lian You as he was feted to a lavish Chinese New Year dinner at a restaurant in Bukit Bakri, near here.

The teenager, who suffers from Down Syndrome, was surrounded by his loved ones - his parents, uncles, aunts and cousins, among others.

However, the boy who was too weak to even undergo dialysis treatment could only watch as the others ate.

The Children's Wish Society of Malaysia and Hektar Property Services Sdn Bhd, which manages the Wetex Parade Supermarket in Muar, hosted the special dinner at Restaurant 88 yesterday.

The boy, who was brought to the restaurant by his parents on a motorcycle, was seen to be active when he arrived at about 7pm.

He immediately wanted to sit at a table.

However, his fragile body told a different story and many diners, who knew about his condition, could only grief in silence.

Despite his wish to have the reunion dinner with his family, the boy did not take any food even when his mother, Ee Hong Wan, tried to feed him.

Lian You soon became restless, prompting his parents to take him home even before the event ended.

The boy was discharged from the Sultan Ismail Hospital in Johor Baru on Feb 8 and doctors there had advised that he had to stop going for dialysis treatment.

His father, Le Leong Boon, 58, said his son had been suffering from kidney failure since 2011 and had to stop schooling.

The boy's school, SK Punan in Bakri, allowed him leave after he was found to be suffering from the kidney problem two years ago.

"Since the doctors have said he cannot withstand the dialysis treatment, we decided to stop the treatment," said Le, his voice choking with emotion

"All we can do is pray and we have been doing just that at the temples and had also sought all types of treatment for my son, including at the hospital," he added.

Wetex Parade general manager Robert Lewis Machado said the company was informed of the boy's wish to have the dinner with his family this Chinese New Year.

"It is sad that the boy can no longer undergo treatment," he said.

"His body is very weak."