Brazilian model dies during botched liposuction operation

BRAZIL - She was obsessed with her looks and had already undergone two operations to flatten her stomach.

But Pamela Nascimento, 27, a Brazilian model, wasn't satisfied. She went for a third operation and didn't survive it, Fox News reported.

She died after what was described as a "botched liposuction operation".

Ms Nascimento, who had appeared as an assistant host on several primetime game shows, suffered severe blood loss during the operation at an exclusive plastic surgery clinic in Sao Paolo, Brazil.

The cause of her death has still to be ascertained. While her family said a perforated kidney was the cause, doctors at the Green Hill Hospital in Sao Paolo claimed she had a fatal liver haemorrhage.

She died last month, but it was made public only now, Daily Mail reported.

Only after the burial were the police informed about the case by her aunt, MsEnedida Nascimento, 61.


The police said they will be exhuming her body and could charge the surgeon who performed the operation, Dr Julio Yoshimura, with manslaughter.

He could also be charged with procedural fraud as the police were not notified of the death and her death certificate was written by the same doctor who had performed the operation, a police spokesman said.

Her aunt said her niece had undergone other operations, including breast enhancement and nose jobs.

She told a Brazilian TV programme: "She was obsessed with her looks. She was always telling me how fat she thought she was, but she didn't tell me about this latest liposuction. If she had told me, I wouldn't have let her go for it.

"It had only been a short time since she had treatment for varicose veins."

The aunt added that when she went to the clinic to identify her body, the workers seemed very nervous and were shaking.

Ms Nascimento was originally from the Brazilian state of Santa Catarina, where she was brought up by her aunt after her mother died when she was six.

In 2009, she moved to Sao Paolo, where she made regular appearances on Brazilian TV while studying for a degree in biomedicine.

She served as an assistant host in hit shows O Melhor do Brasil and Programa do Gugu on the Record TV channel.

Programa do Gugu, a Sunday afternoon entertainment show, is one of the most- watched TV shows in Brazil.

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