'Buffy' joins fight against whooping cough

Actress and mother-of-two Sarah Michelle Gellar, best known as the star of TV series Buffy The Vampire Slayer, is joining March of Dimes and the Sounds of Pertussis campaign to help raise awareness about pertussis, also known as whooping cough.

She recently talked to Celebrity Baby Scoop about family life with husband Freddie Prinze Jr and their two children - Charlotte, three, and eight-month-old Rocky.

Tell us about teaming up with March of Dimes and the Sounds of Pertussis campaign.

It's something that I did for my children and for myself.

The Sounds of Pertussis has a partnership with March of Dimes, and they're trying to get people to understand that it's not just babies that carry pertussis. It can be adults that give it to children.

The statistics are staggering. When they trace back to where these infants are getting pertussis - which can be fatal - 80 per cent of the time it was given to them by a family member, 50 per cent of the time it was from the parents.

The best way to help prevent pertussis is to vaccinate yourself and your children against it. So I'm happy to spread the word.

Did you get your kids all the recommended childhood vaccinations?

Yes, I made the decision to vaccinate my children according to a schedule that I agreed upon with my paediatrician.

I can speak in depth only about the pertussis vaccine. And I can tell you that all of us have had the vaccine and none of us have had any symptoms.

How are your kids doing?

They're good.

I reached a milestone and flew on a plane with both children. I had an extra hand with me as I didn't want the plane to revolt against me (laughs). But, the children were great and they loved it.

My little one slept 21/2 hours and then played a little bit. The older one was just in heaven on the airplane.