Cancer-stricken teen petitions for euthanasia

PHOTO: Cancer-stricken teen petitions for euthanasia

A teenager shocked the Indian authorities after he submitted a petition for euthanasia.

The terminally ill 17-year-old lodged the petition after he was refused treatment by several cancer hospitals in Tamil Nadu, reported Malaysian Nanban.

The teenager identified only as Sakthivel has been suffering from oesophageal cancer for about a year.

In his petition, Sakthivel, who is from Tharapadavedu, about 250km from Chennai, listed his family's financial constraint as the main reason why he was requesting for the assisted death.

The youngest of five siblings, the teenager said his poor family had no way of paying for his treatment.

He also added that he had been refused treatment by many cancer hospitals.

Since he was diagnosed, Sakthivel had been treated at the cancer institute in Kancheepuram but after four months, he was abruptly discharged.

His family's attempts to get him treatment at other hospitals were also rejected due to its economic standing.

Responding to the petition, authorities sent Sakthivel for treatment in a hospital in Chennai.

He is now in a critical stage of the disease and is being fed through a tube.