This canine-inspired boot camp invites you to 'work out like a dog'

If you ever had the pleasure of playing fetch with a dog, you must have observed the thrill they get out of it.

Inspired by the activity, a boot camp invites humans to experience that same kind of excitement through dog-inspired workouts designed especially for them.

Said to be the only one of its kind in the world, the 'Work Out Like A Dog' fitness class offers 45-minute workout session that include a warm up, high-intensity interval training (HIIT) fetch, tug-of-war, Frisbee, circuit routine (get up, down and rollover) and a cool down(ward) dog.

This routine is said to fill participants with positive energy while improving their endurance in the same way it would keep dogs fit.

Initiated by national pet charity Blue Cross and fitness instructor Born Barikor, the daily boot camp will take place in Victoria Park, United Kingdom, until early February, aims to help humans recognise and appreciate the health benefits that dogs acquire by performing their favourite outdoor activities.

It was sponsored by the charity to raise an awareness of how such exercises can boost a dog's welfare.

"We hope the boot camp will be an eye-opener for dog owners and would-be dog owners," said Blue Cross media relations head Sarah Dickinson as quoted by

Meanwhile, Barikor said, "Anyone would agree that in addition to losing weight or toning up, regular exercise acts as an incredible release for pent-up energy or stress. We weren't designed to spend all day cooped up and sedentary-and neither were our furry friends! With this exercise, we wanted participants to channel the joy a dog feels playing their favourite games in the park, as well as the physical benefits."