Caregiver fired after helping elderly woman

ENGLAND - The 95-year-old woman was soaked in her own urine and pleading for help for hours.

So British care-giver Sue Angold did what seemed reasonable - she lifted her from a chair onto a commode so that the elderly woman could be cleaned.

But Angold's employer, Sutton Housing Partnership, felt that she should have waited for trained personnel to arrive and assist the old woman instead of taking matters into her own hands.

Sutton Housing Partnership said the elderly woman could have been hurt by being moved.

Angold was sacked for breaching health and safety rules by helping the elderly woman. She was also unable to claim unfair dismissal.

Angold explained that she checked on the elderly woman's home after her mobile response team received a distress call.

When she saw the elderly woman in that distressed state, she said she did what anyone would have done if they saw such a situation.

A spokesperson for her former employer said in a statement: "We have clear policies, procedures and training to support and guide staff when dealing with the elderly and vulnerable.

"These ensure our residents are protected and their wellbeing is maintained at all times.

"In this case there was a serious breach of these procedures and it was necessary to take action."