Cecilia Cheung suffered four miscarriages after having first child

PHOTO: Cecilia Cheung suffered four miscarriages after having first child

Sin Chew Daily reported Hong Kong actress Cecilia Cheung had suffered four miscarriages after having her first child. Her second child, a son, is now four years old.

Cheung disclosed her painful experience while appearing on a Chinese television show recently, where she commented that those who are pregnant should be careful when indulging in physical activities.

The 34-year-old artiste made the comments after seeing a pregnant woman dancing rather vigorously during the show.

Cheung also revealed on a radio broadcast recently that she was recently the victim of sexual harassment.

According to a report on QQ.com, a foreigner inappropriately touched her chest while they were arguing at a movie theater.

The 33-year-old disclosed that while she was attempting to silence her mobile phone before the movie began, a foreign man who was beside her suddenly grabbed her by the hand and tried to steal her phone.

Cecilia said, "He was trying to steal my phone and was shouting English profanities at me.

"He also kept on rubbing against my chest. I asked him if he was trying to sexually harass me, and that if he immediately apologized, I would let it go.

"He wouldn't budge, so I called the police."

When the police arrived and interrogated the man, he refused to admit to sexual harassment and also claimed that Cecilia was "stuffing" her phone all over his face. Cecilia explained that she was only trying to prove to the man that she was adjusting her phone to silent.

The man finally apologised when the police asked for eyewitnesses. "I forgave him," said Cecilia.

"I decided not to press charges. I think everyone can make mistakes. My life has taught me to forgive others. Being able to forgive others is a great fortune!"