Charmaine Sheh still in pain all the time 2 months after slipped disc

PHOTO: Charmaine Sheh still in pain all the time 2 months after slipped disc

SINGAPORE - Starting a new year has not relieved an old pain for top Hong Kong actress Charmaine Sheh.

The 38-year-old star, who sustained a slipped disc in November, remains in constant pain despite almost two months of physiotherapy.

Sheh, who was in town to film telemovie A Time Of Love with Hong Kong actor Kenneth Ma, told The New Paper on Thursday: "It's been a tough period for me because it hurts all the time, even when I sleep.

"Although I'm slowly recovering, it's still very painful, especially when I raise my head or turn my head too quickly."

She added: "I haven't been wearing high heels too. During filming, I'll change into slippers whenever I can to prevent my injury becoming worse."

A Time Of Love premieres on TVBJ (StarHub Channel 838) on Jan 26 at 8pm.

Sheh, who plays an undercover agent in TVB production Apostle Walker later this month, is worried that she will not recover in time for the intensive role.

She said: "My role requires me to perform many difficult stunts. The director told me that he'll get a double for me to lessen the burden, but I prefer to do it myself.

"I'll continue with my physiotherapy sessions and hope I can recover miraculously."

This is Sheh's first lead role in a TVB drama since returning to the Hong Kong station last year. She left TVB in 2011, after 14 years there, to expand her career in China.

She returned after signing a contract with TVBC, a joint venture between TVB, China Media Capital, and Shanghai Media Group.

Known as the queen of TVB, Sheh repeatedly raked in high ratings for the dramas she acted in for the station and bagged several accolades, including the prestigious Best Actress award during the TVB Anniversary Awards in 2006.

She also won My Favourite Television Character in the TVB Anniversary Awards in 2004, 2006 and 2010.

Carrying the title of TVB's "ah jie" (Chinese for big sister) does not daunt the veteran actress.

No pressure

Sheh said: "I've never felt pressurised just because I'm nicknamed 'ah jie'. I'm very happy and honoured to be back working in TVB and doing what I love. I'm not stressed at all."

When asked if she is hoping to bag another Best Actress award with her new role, Sheh said: "I've not thought about it at all. Right now, I'm more concerned about my health."

The actress, who is rumoured to be dating top TVB actor Kevin Cheng, 43, grew coy when asked about her love life.

"Of course, if there are people wooing me now, I'll be so happy. I want to find someone to take care of me since my health's so bad now," she said.

"If I find the right guy eventually, I will definitely inform everyone."

Why the return to TVB for Charmaine Sheh?

Why the return to TVB for Charmaine Sheh?

Did the draw of big bucks lure Sheh back to her former television station TVB?

Previous reports had claimed that the actress returned after being offered a HK$50 million (S$8.2 million) contract.

But Sheh had dispelled the reports in previous interviews, saying that the figure was exaggerated.

She explained that joint venture TVBC would be a good fit for her as she could work in Hong Kong and still accept jobs from China.

"I did not want to sign a contract that was too long and the company agreed to a two-year contract," she said previously.

"TVBC invests in mainland (China) productions as well, so... it's better for my future development to be in both the mainland and Hong Kong," she added.

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