Cherie Ying suffered violent mood swings during pregnancy

HONG KONG - Cherie Ying gave birth to a son, Jasper, on July 1.

During her pregnancy however, Cherie had reportedly become extremely moody, with violent mood swings, according to a report on Apple Daily.

During Cherie's pregnancy, Jordan listened to his wife's every order. When she told him to stand, he did not dare sit.

He even tolerated Cherie's violent mood swings. Cherie even joked that she had wanted to kill Jordan at one point, saying "Whoever got me pregnant has to withstand it!"

Even when Jordan complained about being tired from work, Cherie would silence him with one statement, "Unless you have a uterus, don't come talk to me about it!"

However, Jordan did not mind her moodiness and even praised Cherie for her courage when she was in labour.

"I talked to her, distracting her while she received the Cesarean section. She bit back the pain and was very determined; it's something which only women can withstand. It's not easy."