China's 'fitness babe' inspires with incredible gym regime

PHOTO: China's 'fitness babe' inspires with incredible gym regime

There is more than meets the eye when it comes to this 25-year-old student in China.

Measuring 163cm tall and weighing 45kg, Nuan Yang Chen might look like your average Chinese beauty at first glance. However, she is a source of inspiration to many who follow her Weibo account to check out her secrets to her fabulous figure.

According to a report on Ettoday, impressed netizens have dubbed the Hangzhou Normal University student as a 'fitness babe' for what she can do at the gym.

Netizens have also praised the undergraduate from Hangzhou in Zhenjiang Province, East China for encouraging girls to look beautiful through healthy means.

She does regular workouts like jogging on the treadmill and doing crunches with ease; and her sharing of her thorough fitness training that could even put male gym lovers to shame has won her fans and fame on China's social networking websites.

With her toned abs and striking good looks, Nuan - who is also a model who poses for fashion photoshoots - posts regular updates for her fans on her fitness progress, and gifs of what she did in the gym that day, as well as new fitness tricks she has learnt.

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